22 Jul 2014
Rest and recuperation

Tuesday 22nd July

After a night with various families, we gathered back together at the school for 7.30am. It was fantastic to hear the stories from the night before being shared. Even in just the few hours they were with their hosts families, the tourists were treated to a real insight into South African culture.

The remainder of the day was spent visiting some of Cape Town’s most iconic attractions on the Cape Peninsula Tour, such as Cape Point. This proved to be an excellent way to relax on their day off from rugby.

By early evening we had met with our next set of hosts at Jan Van Reibeck High School. We were blown away by the setting of their sports fields, right at the foot of Table Mountain. As excited as the boys were about meeting their hosts for tonight and tomorrow, there is a clear focus that tomorrow’s fourth and final set of games are the number one priority.